Psychological Assessment and Testing

Psychological testing is done to help patients succeed by becoming aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Gill will first ask you to fill out background information and interview you. You will then be given a series of tests to identify your best assets and issues. Next he will evaluate the assessment and results and create a report. Lastly, he will explain the findings in a clear and understandable way and offer recommendations.

Neuropsychological Assessment and Evaluation

A Neuropsychological assessment and evaluation is generally needed when issues arise with memory, motor coordination, personality changes, concentration, language difficulties or reasoning due to medical issues, trauma or genetics. It will be personalized to your needs but will normally assess the following:

Psychological Evaluations for Sedona and Flagstaff
  • Motor and sensory skills
  • Multiple memory and perception skills
  • Concentration and attention
  • Verbal and language skills
  • Personality Disorders
  • Mood Disorders
  • Academic capabilities
  • Problem solving and reasoning
  • Organizational and behavioral issues
  • Developmental Disorders

Neuropsychological Testing

As part of the assessment and evaluation, neuropsychological testing is done. A variety of mental disorders and issues will be identified from the testing. Testing offers the opportunity to identify even minor problems. It measures brain-behavior relationships, memory functions, the effects of neurological disorders, cognitive disorders, early onset dementia and traumatic brain injury.

The testing can also determine the different parts of the brain that may have been damaged and how this affects the patient. Dr. Gill will analyze the test results to formulate a targeted treatment plan.

Students can gain extended time on standardized exams with correct documentation.

Forensic Assessment or Legal Evaluation

Forensic psychologists are called into the court as expert witnesses to testify as to the competency of an individual to stand trial or evaluate if a person who committed a crime was legally competent at the time. Dr. Gill may also be called upon as an expert witness to evaluate the extent of psychological and neuropsychological conditions. He understands the process, criteria and rules of the court system and is a Yavapai County Superior Court Panel Member.


Dr. Gill does not accept any insurance. Patients are responsible for all fees and charges incurred. Your payment is due prior to the time of your visit. If needed, a receipt will be provided so that you can file it with your insurance company.